9th July in Buenos Aires: Free Comic Fun for Kids on Independence Day

On the 9th of July, Buenos Aires and the rest of the country will be celebrating one of the most important dates in the Argentine  calendar… the Argentine Independence from Spain.

How do people traditionally celebrate the 9th of July in Argentina? What can you do with your children in you want to find an alternative, more modern way of spending the 9th of July celebrations with your children in Buenos Aires?

Get the basic facts on the Argentine Independence below, take note of the important traditional dishes of the day and then consider taking on board our modern idea for your 9th of July celebrations with your children. KidsinBA has all the answers!

Important Dates and Facts leading up to Argentina’s Independence
1. The Spaniard Juan de Solís lands on the shores of the Plata in 1516 and is captured and killed.
2. In 1527, local natives destroy the small settlements called Sancti Spiritus and the failed explorers return to Spain. Continue reading